Vodafone - Six weeks ago I ordered adsl...
en telecomunicaciones hace 6 años
Six weeks ago I ordered adsl from Vodafone online. It took over a month for the router to arrive. Help is not available in English because I do not have a Vodafone phone. I have contacted by help and been passed from person to person wasting 5 or 6 hours of my time in the last few days and am still no further forward. I have variously been told: I don't exist. I haven't placed an order, the order has been cancelled by me (it wasn't), a technician needs to call, a technician has tried to call me numerous times (he hasn't), I need an activation code, an activation code will be sent by text (it wasn't), I haven't placed an order, I haven't received the router which decorates my desk but is otherwise useless. No-one can tell me the current staus of the order or what I can do to expedite matters. I am beginning to suspect that either Vodafone and Movistar are the same company or they employ the same people. The latest accounts I can find for the company show both revenue and operating profit down from the previous year. Am I surprized? What a shame Facebook don't have a "Dislike" option. Vodafone  

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